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A. Bruce Johnson, Ph.D.
A. Bruce Johnson, Ph.D.

Positioned For Growth Leadership

Throughout his 25 year career in the animal nutrition industry Dr. Johnson has been a focal point for company growth and success. After developing a track record in early positions as an outstanding scientist and thinker, Dr. Johnson’s movement into senior and executive management focused his abilities on improving company growth and sustainability positioning him for future leadership roles.

As Group Leader, Roche Animal Nutrition and Health, Dr. Johnson:

  • Grew his team to meet the need of expanding sales
  • Directed ionophore usage and market expansion to solidify Roche products as the number two ionophore in the cattle industry and number one for use in pasture-based production systems and growing feedlot cattle
  • Led the technical field communication efforts that grew revenues to twice their previous level and several times caused product shortages due to immediate product sales requests
  • Initiated innovative concepts on vitamin usage and levels that expanded vitamin research and product usage to market areas previously unaddressed

Sales of trace mineral products at Zinpro Corporation grew 500% over the 12½ years Dr. Johnson was employed as Director, Research and Nutritional Services.

  • Grew the technical team from just two people to a group of ten that encompassed both home office and field-based scientists
  • Used communication skills and research ideas to make trace mineral nutrition one of the most researched topics in animal nutrition in the past decade
  • Helped customers develop new products and market opportunities leading to expanded sales. In addition, this information on increasing animal productivity found its way as the core focus in an international sales expansion effort and helped lead a rapid domination of worldwide market share
  • Expanded new species applications in previously unstudied production systems
  • Developed an international reputation as he presented his ideas and worked with industry leaders in over seventy foreign countries
  • Helped develop domestic sales and marketing objectives with focused growth on attainable areas
  • Continually refined budgets creating the largest return for the dollars invested


  • Feedstuffs magazine surveys of the industry repeatedly voted Zinpro Corporation into the
    top three companies that brought usable and new information to marketplace partners and customers
  • Zinpro Corporation was recognized with several customer vendor awards for strategic alliance partnerships

Ridley, Inc. benefited under Dr. Johnson’s leadership as Vice President, Research and Nutrition Services.

  • Restructured the entire North American research, technical service, quality assurance and regulatory compliance, functional pricing and formulation teams.
  • Used his dedication to quality products making Ridley’s ISO 9001 registrations and HACCP certifications industry standards as the first in North America
  • Helped earn Ridley one of AFIA’s first Food Safety Awards
  • Participated in and was chosen to present his group’s ideas at an FDA meeting on policy development for an Animal Feed Safety Program
  • Improved efficiency with a formulation reduction program that literally reduced by days per week the amount of time necessary to optimum formulate and price Ridley’s entire product line.
  • Judiciously monitored budget allocations as Ridley refocused and began a new chapter as a single North American entity
  • Led his divisions implementation of a long–term strategically focused technical effort bringing together, for the first time, a close collaboration of technical communications with sales and marketing objectives
  • As a member of the Executive Management Committee, helped set the direction for future growth and acquisition that ensures their position in the industry

    Identifying the right person for the right job, then allowing them to do the job has been the success model that Dr. Johnson has employed. Discerning their ability, hiring, developing and working with whom Dr. Johnson terms as “simply the best at their jobs” has allowed him to increase goals, standards and expectations from his reports. His unceasing demands for quality, accuracy, ethics and timeliness have driven an expectation that is uncompromised. The industry has responded very positively to these expectations with repeated requests for Dr. Johnson and his group members to participate in meetings and provide input into growth strategies.

Dr. Johnson’s publication record includes:

  • Over 35 scientific abstracts
  • 28 peer-reviewed, published journal articles (with 3 in press and 2 under development)
  • More than 59 conference proceedings
  • Over 244 Internal Research Reports
  • 2 co-authored books
  • Numerous magazine and newspaper articles

Positioning the company and his team members for growth and recognition throughout his career Dr. Johnson

  • Earned the respect of his peers
  • Acquired the personal resources for employee motivation and mentoring
  • Developed fiscal responsibility and budget delivery
  • Used goal-oriented market insight and marketplace intellect
  • Offered corporate vision with stakeholder attention
  • Relied on ethical, sound thinking

Life Sentence: Learning the basics, understanding their applications and creating formats to teach others excite me. Facilitating, leading and managing the growth process yields it own rewards. Seeing others define their direction, values and place elevates my desire to continue never forgetting to smile and laugh along the way.